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Each year 14th of April is observed as MARTYR'S DAY all over the country to pay homage to those brave firemen who lost their lives in performance of their duties.  This year Martyr's Day is observed in Tamil Nadu Fire and Rescue Services Department at State Training Centre, Tambaram.

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Deep Borewell Rescue on 12.04.2015 at Arcot
At around 09.30 a.m the Fire and Rescue Services Station at Arcot Fire and Rescue Services Station received the information about falling of a child in the abandoned deep borewell at Koorambadi Village, Arcot. The personnel of the Station immediately rushed to the spot and found that the child Tamilarasan, aged 2  1/2 years trapped at a depth of 18 feet. The crew immediately tried to rescue to child using  rope and special deep borewell rescue equipment which was procured by the department recently. Arrangements were made to supply oxygen into the deep borewell. To rescue the child quickly, simultaneously a parallel well was digged using bulldozers and rock demolishing compressors. After the tireless effort of 8 hours the child was rescued unconsciously and rushed to nearby hospital. Later the child succumbed to suffocation.
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Building Collapse at Central University, Thiruvarur on 29.03.2015
The building of Central University, Thiruvarur, which was under construction, collapsed on 29.03.2015 while 21 labourers engaged in construction work. On receipt of the information about the building collapse the personnel of the Fire and Rescue Services Department rushed to the accident site covering 10 kms from the nearest Fire Station. On arrival the crew immediately got into rescue work with the help of Emergency Rescue Tender and Special Rescue Equipments. The personnel rescued all the 21 labourers. Off which 8 labourers later declared dead. The rescue operation took around 6 and half hours.
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