TAMIL NADU FIRE AND RESCUE SERVICES DEPARTMENT

                              TENDER NOTICE

                            Tender No.1/2006


Separate sealed tenders are invited in the prescribed form from reputed manufacturers/ their authorised distributors/dealers for supply of the following items:-


Breathing Apparatus Sets

   114 nos

Spare Cylinder of equal capacity

   114 nos



Click Here to download for Tender form for Breathing Apparatus Sets and Spare Cylinder of equal capacity



The detailed specifications and other terms and conditions  in respect of the above items are available in the Tender document. 


2) Cost of Tender Document is Rs. 500/- (Rupees Five hundred only)                 (Non refundable) inclusive of Sales Tax/Surcharge.  Requisition by post would cost additionally Rs.100/-   


3) Tender documents for the above item can be obtained from the following address on payment of cost of tender document ( i.e.  Rs. 500/- each) between 10.00 and 15.00 hours on any working day by Cash or Demand Draft drawn in favour of Director, Fire and Rescue Services, payable at Chennai


                                “  Office of the Director,

                                    Fire and Rescue Services Department,

                                    12, Rukumani Lakshmipathi Road,

                                    Egmore, Chennai - 600 008 ”


A written application requesting for the supply of the tender form should be sent along with cost of tender document. The Tender form will be issued by the Deputy Director (Administration) who is the Tender Inviting Authority.


The Department will not be responsible for the delay /non-receipt of tender form by the tenderer by post.  The tenderer must  watch for the receipt of the tender form and contact the Tender Inviting Authority, if the tender form is not received within reasonable time. 


          Alternatively, the tender documents can be accessed from “” and the same can be downloaded from the site.  The document cost Rs.500/- as specified above must be paid by the tenderer by way of crossed Demand Draft drawn in favour of Director, Fire and Rescue Services, payable at Chennai along with submission of tender document. 


           4)  EMD:    EMD  to be paid along with tender is fixed as  Rs.74,100/-


EMD paid by the tenderer is refundable.  It can also be adjusted in the Security Deposit to be made by the successful tenderer.


5) Last Date for submission of Tenders and Opening of Tenders:


Last date for obtaining Tender form

15.11.2006 upto 12.00 hours

Last date and time for submission of tender

15.11.2006 upto 14.00 hours

Date and time of opening of Technical cum Commercial bid

15.11.2006 at 15.00 hours. 


           6) The Department reserves the right to reject all or part of any of the Tenders without assigning any reasons whatsoever and the Department is not bound necessarily to accept the lowest tender.   

Corrigendum and Tender Extension Notice to Tender No:1/2006 Dated 26.10.2006

Corrigendum  :


      This is to inform you that due to the communication of changes in the tender document  and in order to inform the same to the prospective tenderers, it has been decided to extend the last date and time for receiving tenders as follows, as per General Terms and  Condition no.48 of the tender document:-




The EMD Rs.7,410/- already mentioned in the tender document may be read as Rs.74,100/- ( Rupees Seventy four thousand and one hundred only) wherever               it occurs in the tender document.


Tender Extension Notice:



The last date and time for receiving tenders and opening  may be read as follows instead of 15.11.2006 and 14.00 hours and 15.00 hours  wherever it occurs:


            Last date and time for submission of tender: 27.11.2006 at 13.00 hours

            Date and time of opening of tender:               27.11.2006 at 14.00 hours


For further details please see our website at



Date:14.11.2006                                      Deputy Director-Administration (HFAC)

                                                                            (Tender Inviting Authority )

                                                                      O/o. the Director, Chennai-8

                                                                                  Phone: 28550931