Personnel of Fire and Rescue Services have to work under stressful conditions. They are in the forefront for management of crises and disasters.

Michael Bland in the Introduction to his book Communicating out of a Crisis says: "successful crisis management is more of a psychological discipline than a procedural one."

If the personnel of the Fire and Rescue Services are to effectively handle crises, they must be equipped with the psychological make up suitable for it. Nay, it can even be said that the members of the society at large must be trained to win the psychological battle of making the society safer.

With this purpose, we are starting a stress-management programme for our personnel. Some of the lectures and workshop will be personally conducted by me. We will welcome others who might like to enlighten us with their knowledge.

I plan to write in the form of articles the ideas I use for my lectures. These articles will be available for the leisurely reading by our personnel as also for the general browsers.

I have taken an eclectic approach rather than following any particular "school". In case you disagree with the ideas expressed by me or wish to get more clarification, please feel free to contact

S.K. Dogra, Former Director, Tamil Nadu Fire and Rescue Services

Stress Management: Introductory Remarks