Safety Orientation: a psychological approach to safety issues

Are there individual differences in our tendency to perceive and react to the dangers around us? In an article published in and in a paper presented in a conference in Goa in February this year I have given my views about this. You can read the first article by clicking here and the second paper by clicking here.

Would you like to find out where you stand on the Safety Orientation and how it is integrated in your personality make-up with your other traits? This would involve a series tests and interaction through internet which could help you get a third-person peep into your personality and perhaps help you remove some angularities in your nature. This will benefit me by giving me data to test my ideas and develop them further.

In case you wish to undergo the tests send me an email to with the following details:


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In case you want to know more before trying the tests, go to the Frequently Asked Questions. If the questions in your mind still remain unanswered, send email to




Are there any charges for the tests?



Can one drop out of the tests before going through the whole series?

Yes. At any stage.


Will the identity and other details of the person be kept confidential?

Yes. If the details are used for any research purpose or in an article for publication, the name and identity will be withheld. If it is necessary to reveal the identity, permission will first be obtained.