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At present we have the following articles available on the web:

Following are the articles written by Mr. R. Nataraj, IPS., DGP / Director, TNFRS, which were published in Dinamani Newspaper.

1. ஆங்கோர் ஏழைக்கு எழுத்தறிவித்தல்
2 இந்தியாவை இணைக்கும் காவல்
3 உற்றார் யாருளரோ ?
4 எப்படி மாய்ந்தனரோ
5 ஓடி விளையாடு பாப்பா
6 கண்ணிவெடி
7 கேள்வி பிழைக்குமா இன்று
8 தட்டிக் கேட்கத் தயங்காதீர்
9 திசை தெரியாமல் தெருவில்
10 தூக்குமேடை
11 நன்றி மறப்பது நன்றன்று
12 நெஞ்சம் மறப்பதில்லை
13 பதியப்படாத குற்றங்கள்
14 பற்றிப்படரும் ஆபத்து
15 பிறப்பொக்கும் எல்லா உயிர்க்கும்
16 முதல் காப்பாளர்
17 மெய்வருத்தம் கூலிதரும்
18 வெந்து தணியுமா தீ
19 தீவிரவாதத்திற்கு எதிராய் ஒரு தொடர் போராட்டம்

   In The Uphaar Cinema Tragedy Case the author, Mr. S. Ramani, Director General of Police, Police Training College has discussed in details the implications of the court judgment about the fire tragedy in Uphaar theatre in Delhi. Mr. Ramani had a long and successful stint as the Director of Fire and Rescue Services, Tamil Nadu. He is at present the Member of Fire and Rescue Services Commission constituted by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

      Links have been provided for two of my articles which appeared in In my article about Safety Orientation I have tried to argue that individual differences exist with regard to the set of personality traits which can be clubbed together as an orientation called Safety Orientation. In the article Police Officer as Firefighter I have spelt out the steps taken by us in Chennai to improve the handling of fires.

      In his essay "Role of safety volunteers  in fire safety", Mr. B. Pradeep Kumar, a Station Officer ,Mannali  has given some roles of  safety volunteers in fire safety.

     In his essaay "History of Staff set-up in TNFRS", Mr. T.V.K.Raman, a retired fire officer has given history of staff setup in tamil nadu fire and rescue services

    In his essaay "Special Fire Apliances", Mr. T.V.K.Raman, a retired fire officer has given suggestions in using Special Fire appliances in tamil nadu fire and rescue services

    In his  article "Fire pumps"  Mr. T.V.K.Raman, a retired fire officer has given vital role of fire pumps playing in fire fighting. and also he has given categories  of pumps.

In his article Mr. T.V.K. Raman, a retired fire officer  has explained about the Fire fighting and rescue operations  when a modern aircraft, crash lands , which is different from the firefighting operation faced by the fire crew in a township or a factory.


  In his article on Systematic Training Mr. Sethumadhavan has given a step-by-step account of how to build up a training programme. Mr. Sethumadhavan is a retired government officer with long experience in conducting trainings.

     In his article Modular Approach to Training Design, Mr. Karthikeyan has given details of how the modular approach to trainings helps to give focus to the topics to be covered during a training. Mr. Karthikeyan is an Assistant and manages the work related to the scheduling of trainings in Advanced Training Centre.

     The text of a lecture, Disaster Management Planning, delivered by Director, TNFRS, in a course about disaster management and an article, Celebration - In a Safe Way, by Divisional Officer, Kanchipuram, about the precautions to be taken while constructing temporary structures are the new additions to the section on articles. 

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