B.Pradip Kumar                                                                                             Station Officer, MANALI 

       Introduction :

            Service minded people only can become the members of safety volunteers. Their importance is reflected much in fire prevention rather than fire fighting. Actually they are an intermediary between the fire service and the public. The importance of fire prevention can be easily spread to the public through the safety volunters.

     If they are well trained through fire service department, these volunteers can attend fire fighting also in their respective area, and the importance of fire service can easily be spread to the public as they belong to that particular area.      


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1. M. Mahalingam ,Age 24,  S/o. Mani No. 21/31,  S.K.Street,  Periyathoppu, Manali, Chennai 68

 2. T. Paul Raj B.Sc., Age 24 S/o. A. Thomas No. 21/31, S.K. Street, Periyathoppu, Manali, Chennai 68. Ph: 9381099856.

 3. K. Ramu  Age 25  No. 56,  S.K. Street,  Periyathoppu,  Manali, Chennai 68.

4. K. Srinivasan  Age 24   No. 87,  S.P. Koil Street,  Periyathoppu,  Manali, Chennai 68.

 5. R. Loganathan B.C.S  Age 24  No. 2/47, Valluvar Street, Harikrishna Puram, Manali, Chennai 68. Ph: 9841264126.

 6. D. Ramesh Kumar  Age 23  No. 67,  Bharathiyar Street,  Edappalayam,  Manali,  Chennai 68.

 7. J. Paranthaman  Age 24 ,No. 18, Thamarai Kulam Ist Street, Periyathoppu, Manali, Chennai 68.

 8. M. Srinivasan ,Age 24 No. 15/18, Ma. PO.C. Street, Periyathoppu, Manali, Chennai 68.

9. M. Umakanth  Age 23 No. 1088, B Type M.M.D.A, III - Main Road, Mathur, Manali, Chennai 68.

10. Suresh. D. Age 22 No. 67,  Bharathiyar Street, Edappalayam, Manali, Chennai 68.

11. Arun. A Age 19 No. 69,  Bharathiyar Street, Edapalayam, Manali, Chennai 68.

 12. T. Saravana Kumar  Age 25 No. 49, Thilli Puram, 1st Street, Manali, Chennai 68.

13. R. Thirumal B.Sc.,  Age 25 No. 4/217, Sannathi Street, Manali, Chennai 68.

14. M. Dhivakaran   Age 26 No. 1, K.K. Nagar, Labbai Medu, Manali, Chennai 68.

15. R. Thandava Moorthy  Age 21 S/o. A.S. Ranganathan No. 79, Dr. Ambedkar Street, Manali, Chennai 68.

16. R. Nagendran   Age 24 S/o. A.S. Ranganathan No. 79, Dr. Ambedkar Street, Manali, Chennai 68.

 17. S. Sha in Sha   S/o. M. Saleem No.30, Srinivasan Street, Manali, Chennai 68.


Role of Safety Volunteers in Fire Prevention

     Safety volunteers can play a vital role in fire prevention as detailed below

1. Fire prevention in their respective area: - 

       As they are well trained, they can take steps to avoid fire accidents in their areas. They can conduct small meetings in their areas and to teach the public regarding the measures taken to avoid fire accidents. 

2. They can conduct classes to women regarding the importance of  cooking gases and its risks: - 

       Fire Safety volunteers especially the lady volunteers can give lectures to the women in their areas regarding the risks of using cooking gas and also how to keep the cylinders in a safety way and what to do in case of fire happens etc., 

3. Fire in rural areas: -       Fire in rural areas are mainly occurred in huts, haystock and wastes. If the safety volunteers can go round their village and give instructions, regarding how to keep huts and haystocks in a safety way and what are the measures to be taken during fire occurs. They can also give, instructions to them to keep their sorounding clean. 

4. Good house keeping: -

       Good house keeping plays a vital role in fire prevention. Fire volunteers can conduct classes and distribute notices to the public regarding house keeping. This will help to avoid dumping of wastes in one particular place and thus fire can be prevented.

5. Avoid throwing flammable things in to the waste accumilated: -

       People used to throw cigarette ends and ashes to the wastes accumilated. As fire volunteers in their area give instructions to the public regarding the risks of throwing these things, the fire can be prevented to a great extent. 

6. Fire prevention activities in Industries & Factories: -

       They can also visit industries and factoriesin their respective area and high lights the importance of fire prevention and safety in the factories, and also the importance of taking license from fire service department and also the equipments which are to be kept in the premises which will enable safety and fire protection. 

7. School and Education Institutions: -

       Fire volunteers can also attend classes and demonstrations coducted by the fire service department personnel in schools and colleges  as it will lead to increase the importance of fire service in safety aspect. They can also give lectures in schools regarding the importance of fire and safety and can participate in the demonstrations also.

Role of Safety volunteers in rescue operations: -

     Most of the people believes that the fire service is exclusively for attending fire calls only and not for rescue operations. This phenomena can be avoided with the help of safety volunteers, as they can spread the services of fire and rescue among the people. 

1.  Advice to Create fencing around the open wells in villages: -

       Most of the wells in the villages are open type and there is no fencing around the wells. Hence most of the accidents can occur due to falling of animals and human into these wells. Safety volunteers can give advice to the villagers to create fencing around open wells and also the role of fire serivce people in rescue operations.

2. Participation of Safety volunteers in road accidents: -

       Safety volunteers can assist the public as well as fire service personnel  to rescue persons affected by road accidents. They can inform fire service immediately for help and for ambulance as they know the phone number of respective fire stations in their areas. 

3. Participation of Safety volunteers during building collapses and other rescue operations: -

              Safety volunteers can also participate in rescue operations along with the fire service people during building collapses and other natural disasters like flood, earth quake etc., if they are adequately trained in these operations. 


          From the above details, it is clear that fire safety volunteers can render valuables services to the public reagarding safety, fire protection and rescue operations, and enlighten the importance of fire service department among the public through the active role in fire prevention activities. The only thing left over is, they should have undergone sufficient training from fire service department.