05.09.2004 to 11.09.2004

10.09.2004 to 12.09.2004

During the last three days ten rescue calls and six fire calls were reported in Chennai City.

Seethalakshmi Spinning Mill Catches Fire

The Seethalakshmi Spinning Mill at Periyakulam Road caught fire on 11.09.04.  The fire started from the godown where cotton pales were stored. Since a large number of cotton pales were stacked the fire spread rapidly. The Fire and Rescue Services Parties from Theni and Andipatti took immediate and effective steps to control the fire.  The Divisional Officer who was present at the scene of fire guided the personnel. All the same, the highly combustible cotton make the personnel struggle to bring it under control. Private lorries joined the effort by supplying water to put out the fire. 

Workshop on Teaching Preventive Conservation of Manuscripts (06.09.2004 to 11.09.2004)

          The Chemical Conservation and Research Laboratory, Chennai organised a six-day workshop on "Teaching Preventive Conservation of Manuscripts" at the Government Museum, Chennai. During the fourth day of the workshop Mr. M. Samidurai, Deputy Director (Northern Region) delivered a lecture on “Fire Protection for Manuscripts”. During the lecture he explained how to handle the manuscripts and the precautions to be taken to preserve the manuscripts from fire. The lecture was followed by a demonstration by Mr.Veeramani, Assistant Divisional Officer and commando party of the department.

Chennai City witnessed two rescue and five small-fire calls on 08.09.2004 and three small-fire calls on 09.09.2004.

Man Rescued Alive

          A man aged 24 was trapped in a dry well while trying to take a pot which had fell into the well at M.G.R. Nagar. On information from the Control Room, the rescue team led by Mr. V. Vijayakumar, Divisional Officer, Chennai City South rushed to the spot.  On arrival, the divisional officer found the man lying unconscious in the well. Immediately on analysing the situation that there could be a possibility of poisonous gas in the well the team sprayed the water into the well so as to reduce the density of poisonous gas.  Then a member of the team descended to the well with breathing apparatus and rescued the person in unconscious stage. He was rushed to the nearby private hospital for treatment. He is now reported to be safe.  



In Chennai City (South and North) one fire call and two rescue calls were reported on 07.09.2004.


          At K.V.K. Kuppam near Ernavoor, a thatched roof erected on the terrace of a building caught fire. The fire is suspected to have been caused by electrical short circuit. A Fire and Rescue team rushed from Manali Fire and Rescue Station and put out the fire.


Demonstration in School

          The Fire Prevention Wing of Fire and Rescue Services has been working hard to create safety awareness among School Students as well as Teachers. The students and teachers were educated about the types of fires and the causes for fire. They were also taught how to handle such fires and emergent situation. The students were trained to operate the extinguishers and rescue tools. The students obviously enjoyed the whole exercise.  


Such demonstrations were conducted in the following schools on 07.08.2004.

  • National Metriculation Higher Secondary School, Guindy.

  • Radium Metriculation Higher Secondary School, G.K.M. Colony.

  • Little Dimothy Higher Secondary School, G.K.M. Colony.

  • A.V. Meyappa Chettiyar Higher Secondary School, Virugampakkam.


During cooking of food in a house, a gas Cylinder Explodes at Tirunelvelli

          At Sindupoondurai near Tirunelvelli Junction a domestic gas cylinder exploded. The first floor of the building collapsed, a 25-years old lady who was cooking in the first floor got trapped under the debris. The Rescue Team from Palayamkottai Fire and Rescue Station rushed to the spot removed the debris and rescued the lady with minor burn injuries. She was admitted  to the nearby Hospital for treatment.. The police and public co-operated well in this rescue operation.


          This incident should alert all of us! There are frequent incidents of fire caused by leakage of gas from gas cylinder. The regulator or the worn out tube are often the culprit. When did you look closely at the connecting tube and the regulator in your house? A small amount of money spent at the right time may save lives, property and a lot of tension! If you need any clarifications about the precautions to be taken, please send us an email with your queries.


          Government in G.O.Ms.No. 1078, Home (Pol.17) Dept., have permitted the Director, Fire and Rescue Services Department, Tamil Nadu to produce educative / CDs to instill better safety awareness among the masses.